Friday, August 10, 2007

Friday, August 10: Day 10

One of the greatest inspirations of this project has been the number of people who have been motivated to join us, even if for just a day. Today we were invited for dinner at the home of friends, and the meal was made to the same criteria we have been using at home (all except dessert, thank goodness!). We had an appetizer of fried squash blossoms stuffed with havarti cheese (excellent), a delicious chowder of corn and fingerling potatoes with bacon, and Greek-style lamb burgers with feta and garlic served with yogurt sauce, cucumbers, and tomatoes on homemade whole wheat pita. Dessert was out-of-radius: flourless chocolate cake, but as I love bread, Brook loves chocolate, so I wouldn't have had it any other way. The whipped cream and strawberries were legit, though.

My lunch was a pot pie made of all leftovers--a scrap of pie crust and some bits of chicken and veggies laying around from prior meals. We were all separate today, so I have no idea what the others ate. I love pot pies, so I never throw away scraps from pie making. This was 100% whole wheat and a bit old, so the color was a bit off-putting (quite brown with a tinge of greenish-yellow to it) but the flavor was very good.

Breakfast was toast and yogurt, plus a bit of that yummy yogurt smoothie drink.

Busy day tomorrow: 2 farmers' markets and a visit to a pick-your-own place to stock up on tomatoes for sauce. May also need to make a separate stop for cider (can't live without it anymore) and I'll also have to scavenge some firewood for the bread oven.


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