Saturday, August 18, 2007

Saturday, August 18—Day 18

Market day today—a good haul. In addition to most of the usual staples, we had a pleasant surprise: Sugar River Dairy is experimenting with sour cream. Based on our initial testing, it's a big success.

Breakfast: pancakes made with the aforementioned sour cream, cider, and the original manna from heaven, Willow Creek bacon.

Lunch: Jen made baked tortilla chips and combined them with some home-made salsa given to us by a friend.

Dinner: We fired the wood-burning oven today, so we roasted chicken and potatoes. The chicken was very good, and the potatoes were outstanding. We used the residual heat to bake 2 loaves of sandwich bread and a batch of crackers.

An exciting development today was that we were interviewed and photographed for an article in the Wisconsin State Journal about our project. We're hoping that getting some attention for the project will cause other people to think about the same issues we are examining. We'll post links once the story comes out.

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