Sunday, September 23, 2007

If you have trouble sleeping . . .make applesauce!

I made 31 more quarts of applesauce Saturday using Paula Reds from Eplegaarden. That brings our grand total to 48 (plus one in the fridge that I didn't process because we were going to eat it). I think I am done for the year (with applesauce). I used 12 dish towels and wiped the floor approximately 1,624,312 times yesterday. I also slept better than I have in weeks--making applesauce is good therpay for whatever ails you and is a heck of a workout!


Leda said...

LOL--I know exactly what you mean. Yesterday after work I added three quarts of chicken stock, five of tomatoes to my home-canned supplies, plus blanched and got into the dehydrator a bunch of zucchini. I was VERY ready for bed by the end, but also pleased every time I looked at the lineup of cooling jars.
Leda's Urban Homestead

Anonymous said...

Horray for you, Jeni! I remember the days of 48 quarts of applesauce which followed the 48 quarts of peaches! Nice to pass the tradition on.

Jean (Mom-in-law!)