Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Food preservation workshop

We'll be at the Westside Community Market on Saturday (Oct 13) to talk about food preservation and show some of the equipment and techniques we use. If you are curious about any of the processes (canning, freezing, and drying, mostly) or need some encouragement to get started, swing by and we will pump your self-confidence to previously unknown heights.


Anonymous said...

New photos taken 10/6/07 at Westside Community Market, showing produce similar to what you will see on day of preserving demo, at http://www.westsidecommunitymarket.org/about/gallery.php

denise said...

Sad we missed you guys - we were going to have to go on Saturday but meat/milk pickup got changed so we went hiking instead. I can/freeze/dry lots of stuff, but all self taught from books so keep thinking I need to take a class or workshop and see what stuff I need. Hopefully next time... :)