Tuesday, March 25, 2008

We're baaaaaack!

Happy Spring everyone! Never mind that we got 8 inches of snow the day after the equinox, the robins and juncos are back and mailboxes everywhere are being flooded with seed catalogs. In a desperate attempt to assure ourselves that things would indeed grow again after this very loooooong winter in WI, we grew some wheatgrass on our kitchen counter. The mesmerizing sprouts has us all checking the progress of growth hourly. Our final crop was devoured by our chickens and we started another batch!

We have been blessed, over the winter, with a variety of opportunities to talk about our family and local food. Scott spoke at the North American Farmers' Direct Marketing Association conference in February about the "anatomy" of a Farmers' Market customer, we have spoken as a family at a couple different venues and most excitingly we will be writing the weekly update for the Westside Community Market this year. I am excited to get to know some of the vendors we haven't bought from in the past. I am excited to meet consumers and hear how the market fits in with their lives. I am excited to promote the market as a place of food procurement and also as a community.

Want a little inspiration? Check out the writings and links of folks who participated in the Dark Days of Winter Eat Local Challenge.

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