Monday, March 31, 2008


For dinner tonight we had our made-up version of chicken schwarma (ground chicken with onions, cumin, garlic, pepper, coriander), homemade pita bread, yogurt sauce (thank you Sugar River Dairy), cucumbers, peas and sprouts. It was all good, somewhat pale but seemed "spring-like."

What I really wanted to highlight was the sprouts. These were mung bean sprouts given to us by friends last week. As with most sprouts you soak them overnight then drain the water, rinse them every 12 hours or so and watch in astonishment as they swell and , well, SPROUT right before your very eyes. They taste like Spring! Sweet, mild, green--they are good in sandwiches, dressed with a vinaigrette or eaten by the handful. Beans sprout quickly and easily as do many grains. You can also plant the seeds in some shallow soil in a sunny window and then just snip off delicious bits of green when the plants are only a few inches high.


valereee said...

Did you cook the sprouts, or just sort of treat them as a salad?

Lynch Family said...

We just ate them raw. I especially like them with a sprinkle of vinegar and oil and some garlic or rosemary salt.

denise said...

MMMM I love sprouts. They do just taste so fresh it is a riot of spring in your mouth! :)