Monday, August 6, 2007

Monday, August 6, Day 6 - Fast Food?

Today was a blur. What I am noticing is that because all of our food is fresh and basically ready to go "as is" we are tending to plop it on a plate and call it dinner. We are not spending as much time preparing meals and I am missing the complex favors. We are certainly spending TONS of time getting out a few grain-based basics. Crackers happened today and we are all grateful. It takes a long time to mill and then sift the wheat flour, it gives me a new appreciation for what the Ingalls family went through in The Long Winter !

Breakfast was english muffins with peanut butter and cider.

Lunch was whatever we could pull out of the fridge, including more tortillas with fresh salsa.

was a mad dash out the door with cornbread, sauteed green beans and salad.

Appendix by Scott:
After dinner we went to a minor league baseball game with our hometown team the Madison Mallards. Great fun was had by all. We also had a bit of ballpark refreshment. Jen had a beer (which I think was made in Pennsylvania from ingredients obtained from who knows where, Evie had processed ice cream that may have been made in a lab somewhere, and I had a soft drink, made of our friend High Fructose Corn Syrup, a product that is probably the most commoditized agricultural product on the planet). So what gives? Did we fall off the wagon after less than a week?

I would say we did not. This is, for us, an exercise in making conscious choices, not in doing penance or keeping kosher. When we go to Rome, we intend to eat like Romans. I don't think we would have gone to an evening ballgame expecting to eat our whole dinner there, but on a steamy summer night everyone needs to cool off a bit. If friends invite us over for dinner this month, we'll be thrilled if they embrace our project (as many have done), but if not, we'll make no mention of it and enjoy ourselves in the company of friends.

That's the easy part. I have a morning meeting at a coffee house tommorrow. To hot chocolate or not to hot chocolate?

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