Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Tuesday, August 7—Day 7

A quickie. Menu:

Breakfast: Yogurt with maple syrup, english muffins with butter and/or peanut butter. Need to get more apple cider but it's a bit early still.

Lunch: Hamburgers (beef from Northwood Farm), watermelon, carrots from Harmony Valley Farm.

Dinner: the whole shebang. Roast JenEhr chicken with garlic and rosemary, roasted potatoes (in bacon fat--yum), broccoli, and popovers that tasted great and were better than I feared they would be, though they were not as popped as their out-of-state cousins. The chicken was particularly succulent. I am not a master chicken carver so it comes of in bits and pieces.

On the philosophical side, one thing I have noticed is how many people who, upon hearing about what we are doing, find it strikes a chord in them that they had not been able to quite articulate without a bit of stimulus. To me, this seems to suggest that this whole eat local business is on the verge of going one step closer to mainstream. Come on, all of you local food junkies, you know you're not mainstream, right?

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