Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Wednesday, August 7: Day 7

It has been one week since we began eating within 100 miles of our home. We have learned that the high humidity of our area does not make for good bread wheat but there are other ways to use it, we have learned that people are excited about the project (we are getting hits from all over the place and are being contacted by a variety of media outlets), we have learned that our friends are excited and generous, we have learned that the small farmers in this area are diverse, amazingly talented and generous and wonderful.

Today we visited Wollersheim Winery. We learned that they only have four types of wine made from grapes grown on the property, other juice and grapes come from Washington and New York. We took a wonderful tour and tasted a purchased the Prairie Blush, one of the local ones of course!

Today we also had pizza! It is a family staple and a family favorite, we always use homemade tomato sauce and tonight everything from the crust up was local--thank you Willow Creek Farm for amazing sausage, thank you Brantmeier Family Farm for providing delicious wheat that we are learning to use in new ways, and thank you Farmer John for the cheese.

It has been a long day, check back tomorrow for some info on eating out and on outreach into the community.

Breakfast: Eggs, fresh salsa and cheese
Lunch: HEAVENLY corn on the cob and yellow doll melon
Dinner: Pizza

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