Thursday, September 27, 2007

Local Night Out

If you are in the Madison area go out to eat today at one of the following restaurants. Ask your server "what's local?" And make sure to tell them that you are there because of their commitment to local food. Enjoy!

The Weary Traveler
The Greenbush Bar
The Old Fashioned
Fork and Spoon Cafe
The Dardanelles
Captain Bill’s
Ian’s Pizza
The Edgewater
Manna Cafe
Osteria Papavero
Washington Hotel Coffee Room

For more details click here!

1 comment:

amanda_m said...

I'm SO sad I cannot make it out for dinner to any of these great places tonight! I have to work til well-past dinner time.

To comment back about time issues ... I am so beyond-impressed that you guys made peanut butter and actually milled your own wheat!

Do you by chance know of a farmer who sells oats??